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At deBurgh Productions we can help you with all your video and communication needs...


We offer professional 4k video production technology for all projects, providing:


  • Promotional Videos,

  • Virtual Conformation Sales Videos

  • Photography

  • Promotional Material

  • Owner Communications/Reports 

  • Social Media Management

  • Aerial Footage


Virtual Conformation Sales Videos

We film horses for all sales, be it public auction or private sale, before or after selling.

Online video marketing has become an integral component in helping to communicate to your global market. We aim to help you increase interest and ultimately a higher price for your horse.

We can tailor the video to suit your needs!

Ascot Lot 22.jpg


We can help you tell your story through beautiful photography!


They say that video lasts forever! This is true about promotional videos.

We have the highest quality video equipment, technologies and talent available to suit each project that we undertake.


A key ingredient to satisfaction in owning race horses nowadays is communication. 


With our involvement we can enable the trainer to devote more time and focus to the training of the horses, whilst at the same time broadening and strengthening the owner base and quality of the horses - all making for a brighter future for the stable.


We can:

  • Help you provide Frequent, Informative and Inclusive Owner Communications using the latest technology.

  • Help you embrace Social Media Channels.

  • Create and produce Trainer TV.

We understand that every training establishment, stud farm, etc is different. With this in mind we would be delighted to discuss and create specific packages to suit you.


We are always striving not only to push the boundaries of video production in exciting new ways, but to make it an affordable option for our clients.


That’s why we’re proud to offer aerial cinematography.

We combine the awesome capabilities of stunning aerial shots with the agility and affordability of a lightweight drone.

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